The Heretics’ Hour: Sculpture & Architecture in the Third Reich

December 27, 2011

Reichschancellery with Breker sculptures

Honor Court entrance to Reichschancellery designed by Albert Speer, with Arno Breker sculptures Die Partei and Die Wehrmacht.

Guests Wilhelm Kriessmann, who saw action on the Eastern Front in WWII, and Rodney Martin who specializes in the culture of the Third Reich, discuss with Carolyn the very high achievements in these two branches of the arts, so much of which was wantonly destroyed by the Allies during and after the war.

Because of technical problems at VoR, this program was aired on Talkshoe on Oct. 31.

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The Heretics’ Hour: Education in the Third Reich

November 8, 2011

Wilhelm Kriessmann shares his first-hand knowledge of German and National Socialist education policies and practices. Topics include:

  • Basic school system unchanged by the National Socialists;
  • Added emphasis on national pride and self-confidence;
  • More physical education, racial instruction and German history;
  • In geography, population charts and need for Lebensraum;
  • Women’s education somewhat different from men’s;
  • Napola Schools, Adolf Hitler Schools and Ordensburg.

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The Heretics’ Hour: Painting & Music in the Third Reich

October 25, 2011

Leipzig Orchestra

Leipzig Symphony performance conducted by Wagnerian C. Muck, attended by Adolf Hitler

Wilhelm Kriessmann and Rodney Martin join Carolyn for a discussion of the thriving and varied art and music life of National Socialist Germany. Dr. Kriessmann was in Austria during the 1930s, and stationed in Berlin during the wartime years of the 1940s, able to experience much of the culture that was available. Topics include:

  • The attributes of Modernism following WWI;
  • German art, degenerate art and foreign art;
  • The styles and themes of National Socialist-approved painting;
  • Music was everywhere, ranging from opera to German jazz to folk songs;
  • Wagner, Bruckner, Strauss, Pfitzner and Furtwaengler;
  • Art was highly supported and continued to be right through the war years;
  • Joseph Goebbels “diaries” still controversial.

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The Heretics’ Hour: Who Started World War II?

August 23, 2010

Cover of 'The Chief Culprit', by Victor Suvorov

Dr. Wilhelm Kriessmann returns as Carolyn’s guest to discuss the ideas and important data presented in Viktor Suvorov’s book, The Chief Culprit: Stalin’s Grand Design to Start WWII. Topics include:

  • Revisionists get prison terms in France and Austria
  • Goal of Soviet Union was to communize Europe through Germany
  • Offensive military build-up in USSR began in 1939
  • Massive movement of Red Army troops and material to western border was completed in June 1941
  • Operation Barbarossa narrowly beat a devastating attack from Soviet Union
  • Who was behind Rudolf Hess’ peace mission to Britain

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The Heretics’ Hour: Auschwitz, Wolfsberg and the meaning of detention

June 28, 2010

Wolfsberg main gateWolfsberg main gate
(click here to enlarge)
Auschwitz main gateAuschwitz main gate
(click here to enlarge)

Dr. Wilhelm Kriessmann answers Carolyn’s questions about Wolfsberg. Topics include:

  • Elie Wiesel update
  • Life as a detainee under the British is detailed; was it really worse at Auschwitz?
  • Dr. Kriessman’s report from Austria: Immigration top concern

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The Heretics’ Hour: Wilhelm Kriessmann–The War Years

June 14, 2010

A Sketch by Dr. Kriessmann's father

Pen & ink drawing from 1946 by Dr. Kriessmann’s father: Inside the Wolfsberg British-run detention camp near Klagenfurt, where both were held after WWII. (Click here to enlarge)

Dr. Kriessmann gives his personal account of:

  • Life in Berlin as pilot for the general staff
  • Ninety-three bomber missions on the Eastern Front
  • How and why he was put in a British detention camp after returning home
  • Conditions and companions in Wolfsberg and Wetzelsdorf camps

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The Heretics’ Hour: Wilhelm Kriessmann’s memoir of 1925-1938

May 10, 2010

Wilhelm Kriessman's book

Carolyn talks with Dr. Kriessmann about his book When I was a Schoolteacher’s Boy, a chronicle of his youth in Feistritz im Rosental (Austria) during the turbulent years between the World Wars. Topics include:

  • A nationalist family
  • School fraternities and the Hitler Youth
  • The Austrian Anchluss, the culmination of hopes

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The Heretics’ Hour: Carolyn & Wilhelm Kriessmann discuss Katyn

April 12, 2010

Wilhelm Kriessman

Dr. Wilhelm Kriessmann returns as Carolyn’s guest to discuss:

  • The crash of the airliner carrying Polish dignitaries to the Katyn commemoration
  • The causes of the start of the war between Poland and Germany
  • The murders at Katyn by the NVKD, and the wrongful blaming of Germany for the crime

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The Heretics’ Hour: Interview with Wilhelm L. Kriessmann, PhD

March 15, 2010

Carolyn talks with World War II Wehrmacht veteran and Luftwaffe bomber pilot Wilhelm Kriessmann about the political climate in Austria during his youth in the 1920s and ’30s; then his wartime and post-war experiences. Kriessmann was incarcerated in the British concentration camp for political prisoners at Wolfsberg for nine months after his return to his family home in Sept. 1945; then for a further eight months at Camp Wetzelsdorf before being released in 1947 and continuing his education.

About Wilhelm Kriessmann

Wilhelm Kriessman

Listeners can learn more about Wilhelm Kriessmann’s WWII experiences here and here.

Dr. Kriessmann became Austrian Trade Commissioner for the U.S. west coast in 1953, which led to his eventual move to California. In more recent years he turned to writing, publishing many, many articles and features in German-American periodicals. He has always been an avid sportsman, with an especial fondness for the ski slopes, long biking trips and tennis.

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