The Sunic Journal: Interview with Ward Kendall

January 24, 2012

Ward Kendall

Tom Sunic interviews Ward Kendall. Topics include:

  • Ward’s novel, Hold Back This Day, set about 100 years in the future when only a few thousand Whites remain among a population of 19 billion non-Whites;
  • The cast of characters of the novel, their psychologies, and their parallels with Whites and non-Whites in the real world;
  • The world depicted in the novel, and its parallels with the non-White areas such as those in Paris or Compton;
  • A sober assessment of the current situation, and the need for a better way forward if Whites are to avoid the fate depicted in the novel.

Warning: There are some spoilers in this interview!

Ward Kendall is a pro-White author. His widely acclaimed novel, Hold Back This Day (available at Counter-Currents and Lighthouse Literature), is a tale of the last Whites on Earth and their heroic struggle to save their race. Mr. Kendall and his wife have lived and worked both across the the United States, and abroad. He is concerned for the future of his two daughters and of Whites everywhere. He advocates moving past the tragedies of history, and proposes a new quest – one of positive goals building upon a network of White cooperation from coast to coast – and around the world.

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