The Stark Truth: Siryako Akda on the Fifth Freedom

February 22, 2012

Sam Fisher

Robert Stark and Siryako Akda discuss:

  • The meaning of Marshall McLuhan’s famous dictum, “The medium is the message”;
  • The attenuated importance of video games as a means of transmitting culture;
  • The collective psychological implications of video games like Splinter Cell;
  • The quest for identity;
  • Self-determination vs the pursuit of wealth/globalization;
  • The erosion of distinctive local cultures and their replacement by consumer culture.

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The Stark Truth: Interview with Siryako Akda

December 9, 2011

rice paddies

Robert interviews Siryako Akda. Topics include:

  • How nationalism and race is viewed in the Philippines and elsewhere outside the West;
  • How the adoption of New Right ideas outside the West will give legitimacy to the New Right movement in the West.
  • How what is happening in the West (e.g. “hate crime” legislation, Political Correctness, deindustrialization, mass immigration and multiculturalism) is a prelude to what may happen to the rest of the world;
  • The “Yankee go home — and take me with you!” syndrome;
  • Third Way economics such as distributism.

Siryako Akda is Filipino graduate of political science. He is an avid observer of international politics, and has a keen interest in right-wing metapolitics. He blogs at untimelyruminations.

13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 56 min.

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