Attack the System: Interview with Richard Spencer

January 26, 2012

Richard Spencer

Keith Preston interviews Richard Spencer. Topics include:

  • The origins of the “alternative right” and how it differs from the mainstream “conservative movement”;
  • The impact of the thought of Friedrich Nietzsche as the principal intellectual influence on the alternative right;
  • Why alternative rightists tend towards a more skeptical view of American power around the world than ordinary conservatives;
  • The greater willingness alternative right thinkers to entertain a more critical view of Christianity and why Christians on the alternative right tend to lean more towards Catholic traditionalism or Orthodoxy as opposed to the Protestant fundamentalism of American conservatives;
  • Why the United States is unsustainable as a nation-state entity.

Richard Spencer is the founder of, executive director of the National Policy Institute, a former editor of Taki’s Magazine and the American Conservative, and host of the Vanguard Internet radio program.

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The Sunic Journal: Richard Spencer on the NPI Conference

August 2, 2011

NPI Conference, 2011

Tom discusses with Richard Spencer, the director of the National Policy Institute and the editor of the Alternative Right, the meaning of cultural struggle against liberal mendacity. Why must the battle first be won in the cultural field? Tom and Mr. Spencer also discuss the upcoming NPI Conference in Washington DC, where many prominent speakers will appear, including, Mr. Spencer and Tom.

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The Sunic Journal: Alex Kurtagic & Richard Spencer

February 1, 2011

Alt Right Logo

Tom’s guests are Alex Kurtagic, founder of publisher Wermod and Wermod, a novelist, and author of the dystopian novel Mister and Richard Spencer, the executive editor and founder of website magazine Alternative Right, also author of numerous literary essays.

The main focus of their discussion is culture, as the vehicle of political struggle, and how can cultural battle shape up political activism.

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The Sunic Journal: Interview with Richard Bertrand Spencer

March 2, 2010

Tom interviews accomplished writer and thinker Richard Bertrand Spencer, former managing editor of TakiMag, founder & executive editor of soon-to-be launched Web site The Alternative Right.

  • The meaning of the term “Alternative Right.”
  • The Alternative Right’s opposition to mainstream conservatives, the Republican Party, and the Neoconservative warfare-statists.
  • The need for a total dissolution of the culturally destructive “therapeutic welfare state.”
  • The need to promoting “paleo-masculinity” and confront the mass feminization of men in the postmodern world
  • The Tea Parties, their glaring implicit whiteness, and their co-option and corruption by the Republican Party.
  • The decline of the media gatekeepers and how the Alternative Right will “push the boundaries of discourse.”

About Richard Spencer

Richard Bertrand Spencer

To learn more about Richard Spencer and his new project check out the Alternative Right website. You can also see Richard’s work with The HL Mencken Club here and read his perceptive TakiMag essays here.

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