The Stark Truth: Interview with Kai Murros

April 18, 2012

Kai Murros

Robert interviews Kai Murros. Topics include:

Kai Murros, born in 1969 in Finland, studied at the University of Helsinki. He wrote his Master of Arts thesis on the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. In his numerous TV and radio appearances Murros has expressed radically nationalist views and has called for ruthless measures against Finnish CEOs and politicians.

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The Sunic Journal: Interview with Kai Murros

August 24, 2010

Kai Murros

Tom interviews Finland’s renowned speaker and revolutionary thinker Kai Murros. Topics include:

  • Finnish history along with its present plight of mass immigration and anti-white “hate” laws
  • Finland’s enormous welfare state as the irresistible attraction to non-European immigration
  • Kai’s involvement with the European New Right and other nationalist organizations
  • The various themes within his book, “Revolution – And How to do it in a Modern Society”
  • The requirements for a new Pan-European Revolution are directly connected to Liberal Europe’s socio-economic collapse
  • Criticism of the West’s decadent, dreary and self-destructive bourgeoisie

About Kai Murros

To learn more about Kai and his ideas for revolution within our modern society please explore his website here. You can also download his acclaimed essay “Revolution – And How to do it in a Modern Society” here.

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