The Stark Truth: Interview with Jim Goad

June 20, 2012

Jim Goad

Robert Stark interviews Jim Goad. Topics include:

  • Goad’s experience in prison vs. the public’s perception of prison life;
  • Goad’s rejection of moralistic arguements such as those used against socalled “racist”;
  • Israel to Africans–Go Home;
  • We’re White, We’re Male, and We Suck!;
  • European nationalism–golden dawn or old and gone;
  • Give the bigots a pill.

Jim Goad is the author of four books, including The Redneck Manifesto. He is the former editor of “ANSWER Me!” magazine and currently hosts Though many people find him to be beneath contempt, he sincerely claims he doesn’t know what the big deal is. At various points he has found employment as a radio host, a country singer, and a cabdriver. He lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia and writes for TakiMag.

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The Sunic Journal: Interview with Jim Goad

May 31, 2011

Jim Goad

Jim Goad is the author of The Redneck Manifesto and a contributor to Taki Magazine.

Mr. Goad explains different taboos in modern society and why and how the word redneck has become the symbol of evil for liberal do -gooders and why liberal opinion makers use the image of the redneck for defaming the whole white Euro-American heritage. Goad focuses on semantic and conceptual mendacity used by the ruling elites.

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