The Stark Truth: Interview with Benjamin Noyles

June 15, 2012

Benjamin Noyles - Integralist Party

Robert interviews Benjamin Noyles . Topics include:

  • Integralist philosophy;
  • The Integralist Party’s policies;
  • Criticisms of humanitarian arguments made nationalist and historical revisionism;
  • The importance of a national or social credit to put an end to usuary;
  • National identity and national life;
  • Building a movement among the youth.

Benjamin Noyles is a member of the Integralist Party of the UK.

Integralism recognises that the present system of parliamentary democracy does not serve the interests of the people or long term stability of the nation, but does serve the interests of international finance. By sowing division — through such things as: liberal capitalism, which is entirely focused on individual greed; cultural Marxism, which does not recognise an individual’s unique qualities blinded by a dogma of ‘equality’ we are all the same; cultural friction due to mass immigration — we remain divided and conquered. The age of exploitive and wasteful mass consumerism for the benefit of powerful international corporations remains the norm for this unlucky generation.

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