The Nationalist Report: March in Dresden

February 17, 2010

Dresden War Crime

Mike Conner & Mishko Novosel interview Alaric Pfeiffer of Alaric is a journalist who reported on the Feb. 13 memorial march for the victims of the Dresden bombing. Topics include:

  • A recounting of the Allies’ tragic 1945 bombing of Dresden, and the criminal nature of that bombing
  • The motivations of the marchers, and the peaceful, solemn, democratic nature of their memorial march
  • How the police, particularly the German Federal police — not the “antifascist” protesters — were the primary force thwarting the march
  • How the police thwarted the march in defiance of Saxony’s Supreme Court’s ruling that the march was legal and democratic; how police overriding the civil authority is the textbook definition of a police state, and not of a democracy.
  • Prospects for the future: Why the marches will continue, and why police state tactics will eventually fail in eastern Germany.

About Alaric Pfeiffer

For more info on Alaric’s coverage of the Dresden march, please visit to view videos on the march.

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