The European American Hour

Stan Hess

The European American Hour is a weekly program hosted by Stan Hess. The show airs on Thursdays, 10-11pm, Eastern U.S. time.

Host Stan Hess is a veteran European American activist. He brings new insights to our struggle for advocacy and empowerment.

About Stan Hess

Stan Hess is a lay cultural critic, punster, and word meister . He is a recovering Zionist and an adult child of Zionist parents.He believes the smartest White folks are blue collar and those who have been mugged on city streets or in the halls of academia. Stan believes in subverting the dominant paradigm of rampaging Kosher hucksterism by mocking our oppressors and developing our own community based comedy skits. Stan refers to these skits as political performance art.He believes white folks are way too serious and need to look Jewish and act Eurish. After all, every joke is a tiny revolution. Be the change.