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About Jamie Kelso

Jamie Kelso (June 8, 1948) is Administrator of the American White Nationalist website

Kelso was born in New York City to parents from Nebraska and Missouri of Scottish and German ancestry. He is an Eagle Scout and member of MENSA. He ran for Congress as an Independent in the 5th Congressional District of Missouri in 1976.

He is a former member of the John Birch Society. He is an artist and musician, working in painting, etching, and engraving, and has sung tenor leads in opera, musicals, and lieder.

Kelso first came to national attention when he was featured in a 1960s Time Magazine article on teenagers in the suburbs of Los Angeles. He has appeared on Irish Radio in Dublin, Ireland, on The Political Cesspool, and on Fox TV in South Carolina.

He was the chairman of the May 2004 and May 2005 New Orleans conferences attended by a number of White nationalists, including Nick Griffin, chair of the British National Party; Jean-Michel Girard, Directeur de cabinet des affaires etrangeres of the Front National of France; and Lady Michele Renouf from the UK. Kelso lived at David Duke’s headquarters in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana during this time. He also organized an April 2004 international revisionist conference in Sacramento attended by attorney Edgar J. Steele, author of Defensive Racism; Paul Fromm, chair of the Canadian Association for Free Expression; and April Gaede and her daughters Lamb and Lynx, twin members of the band Prussian Blue.