Radio Free Indiana

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Radio Free Indiana is a weekly program hosted by Matt Parrott. The show runs Fridays, 10 to 11 PM, Eastern U.S. time.

Radio Free Indiana covers traditional conservatism, Indiana state news, national issues, and activism. It also celebrates White America’s rich Midwestern heritage and traditions. Join Matt Parrott and the rest of the Hoosier Nation for news, interviews, and commentary from the Middle American radicals your professor warned you about!

About Matt Parrott

Matt Parrott is a community organizer and street activist from Indiana. He’s the Executive Director of Hoosier Nation, Indiana’s most active and effective traditional conservative advocacy group. He blogs at the Hoosier Nation Web site and contributes to several blogs on the White Right. His own personal blog is Fair and Delightsome. He’s a husband and father in suburban Indianapolis who works as a business systems analyst and web programmer. He’s opinionated, controversial, and won’t rest until he and his family are free to celebrate their heritage and traditions in a community of folks who also share and celebrate their heritage and traditions.