Peter Schaenk: The War of Perception

VoR radio host Peter Schaenk returns every Wednesday, bringing his unique brand of news and commentary. You don’t want to miss it! Exclusively on the Voice of Reason Broadcast Network . . . Dare To Know!

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About Peter Schaenk: War of Perception

War of Perception is a show hosted by Peter Schaenk.

Peter got his start in radio 20 years ago in Los Angeles on “KIEV am”, hosting a show on the local conservative network. After moving to Austin, Texas, he started a weekend show, “Shanktalk” on “KJCE am”, home to Sean Hannity and Michael Savage.

The show content was too hot to handle for the station manager at KJCE, as Peter was the only “conservative” on air that was against the war in Iraq. This led to Peter’s departure from “mainstream” radio into the arms of a fledgling network known as “Republic Broadcasting Network”.

Peter joined RBN with the hope they would be true to their credo: “You Can Handle The Truth”, only to find the same hypocrisy and agenda driven propaganda that was present on the “mainstream” stations he previously worked.

Peter decided it was important for his audience to listen to the White Nationalist perspective, if only for the reason it wasn’t being heard anywhere on “Mainstream”, much less “Patriot” radio.

After interviewing Alex Linder (VNN), Bill White (National Socialist Movement) and others, Peter received an angry phone call from the network boss, John Stadtmiller, telling Peter to take his extremely popular show and leave, never to darken the doors of RBN again.

I guess the audience could “Handle The Truth”, but RBN and John Stadtmiller couldn’t.

Peter is now happy to announce his return to the airwaves courtesy of Voice of Reason Broadcast Network. Peter will bring his brand of humor and “In Your Face” commentary to the listening audience, Wednesday, 7-9pm EST.

No bull horns, aliens, two hundred dollar haircuts, gold plated cow dung, air purifiers, wheat grass, propaganda or “Rich White Guys Blew Up The Twin Towers” theories. Just well reasoned ideas that will make you think and possibly change your perception of reality for the rest of your life.

Please join Peter Schaenk on the front-lines of the “War of Perception”, Wednesday, 7-9pm EST. Only on the “Voice of Reason”… Dare to know!