Dietrich’s Carolina Ribs:

March 28, 2009

1 cup catsup
1/4 cup (packed) brown sugar
onion powder
minced garlic
3 tbsp mustard
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1/8 – 1/4 cup RC Cola
1-10 tbsp liquid smoke to taste
(if you want more heat, you can add cayenne and chili powder)

Cut and clean ribs for service–most people want them individually cut.

Place in pot of boiling water for 12-20 minutes–you want them to be cooked in this process, but not so much to where they become rubbery–visual cues are enough to tell. Turn off pot and leave in water.

Light the coals on your grill. A hot fire is essential. Take a small wad of paper towels and apply 3-4 tbspns of olive oil, grasp the dry said of the wad with tongs, and use this to lube the grill. You can do this without tongs by hand, but if you’re not cursing a little, your fire isn’t hot enough.

Back in the kitchen, drain all the water from the pot, pour on the sauce. Back outside, grab each rib and make sure it’s well coated in sauce and lay them out. You’ll need to babysit the grill, but it doesn’t take long (you have a hot grill by now, right?). Work around any flame-ups, and grill each side to preference. Wife likes them re-entry style, whereas I like mine edible.


The Perfect Grill
(don’t forget one of these)

VoR turns 1 on April 2nd

March 25, 2009

This Friday in addition to news analysis, we’ll be talking about VoR–a little from the past and a lot towards the future.  Join us at 9PM Eastern, won’t you?

Thanks Hayden, for the new vid promo!

A special thanks to the backbone of VOR:

January 24, 2009

To Rabbi Mark “Mishko” Novosel, a special thanks for all your continuing hard work for the cause in getting the new shows on air and keeping things running. If I told everyone what a good guy you are, I’d ruin your image. Hail and have a restful weekend!


VoR Live Q&A Friday Night, Bud White and Dietrich

August 7, 2008

Looks like I will be on Bud White’s show this coming Friday, since Mishko will be at his 50th high-school reunion. Bud is usually okay letting the show develop in whatever direction the moment takes us, so if you have questions about VoR or anything you’d like to ask or tell either of us, you can call toll-free: 1-866-944-8523 to get on. If Bud has his two hours already planned out, I will stay after the show and take the calls then.


Thank-You, SPU!

August 3, 2008

Around the same time Mishko and I were cooking up the idea for VoR, a small group of activists decided that they wanted to make monthly payments into a central “pool,” and would decided to do activist projects as they came along. They called themselves the “Special Projects Unit,” or SPU. Luckily for us, we came along, and they stepped in as our financial backbone. With their money, we were able to buy all the software and services needed to get this thing off the ground, not to mention the three servers it takes to run the operation. Indeed, they happily sent me money for three months before I was even able to show them something, all without ever doubting my honesty or intentions. That kind of trust inspires and motivates me.

I am sad to see them fold because I cannot help but believe I could have done more to keep them abreast of what we were doing and what our plans were in order to keep them motivated and knowing that they were an integral part of what it is we are trying to accomplish here at VoR. There is so much going on behind the scenes that will not come to fruition for another two months or so, and that is the type of thing that occupies me for the most part. For myself, it comes down to a failure of leadership and a failure to properly allot the time and resources to the SPU group in order to bring them more into the fold of things. Mishko and I are sad to see them go, but we will never forget what they made possible for us.

VoR is here to stay, however. I hope I have been clear enough about that. If I have to take another job, we’re staying on air. Our people need to be informed, inspired, and incited to take part in the great struggle, and we have far too many plans for the future, and far too much growth in listenership to even consider staying the course. The way we figure, they’ll be shutting down the politically incorrect internet within a few years, so it’s onward and upward, or else.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and ours is this: We can now accept Visa / Mastercard / Debit cards through Paypal. No more snail-mail (although we did enjoy the Bar Mitzvah cards SPU members would use to enclose their donation). You can use the “Support VoR” link up top, and I will experiment on where to but it on the front page so that it is as inobtrusive as possible. Thanks for reading, and thanks for listening!

-Dietrich Mullis

VoR Archives Trims Fat

June 30, 2008

  • The file size on the archives has shrunk from ~57mb per show to ~30mb per show, with little change in audio quality in initial testing.
  • This week, there will be a new player implemented for “recent archives.” It will be a flash player that has the last show from each host loaded up, ready for sampling.

For those interested in the tech stuff:

In response to your welcome suggestions (see “envelope graphic at the upper-right), I have now tested and implemented the archival of our files at 32kb/s, 22.050khz. Like so many other things that have to do with our operation, changing this brought with it an opportunity to streamline other areas, so I changed with it our entire method of the way we archive our files.

The nomenclature we use for archival is XX_YYYYMMDD.mp3, where “XX” is the host or show’s initials, then the four-digit year, two-digit month, and two-digit day. For this, I wrote a script for a program called “streamripper”:


/execute “streamripper -A -d \PS\temp -a PS_{Time.Year4}{Time.MonthPad}{Time.DayPad}.mp3 -s -t -l 7500 -i -u winamp” /offset -4h


This tells streamripper to begin recording the stream to a temp directory, using the name PS_YYYYMMDD.mp3, to retry if disconnected, to rip to a single file, and to run for 7500 seconds (2 hrs + ~5 min.). The “/offset -4h” is to keep the dates straight for Marc’s show which goes to 1AM here on the east coast. We want the show named for when it starts, not for when it finishes. After that, I run it through an mp3 command-line tagger program:

sarch /source “\temp” /offset -4h /execute “id3.exe -a “”Voice of Reason Broadcast Network”" PD_{Time.Year4}{Time.MonthPad}{Time.DayPad}.mp3″

sarch /source “\temp” /offset -4h /execute “id3.exe -l “”Shanktalk Live”" PD_{Time.Year4}{Time.MonthPad}{Time.DayPad}.mp3

sarch /source “\temp” /offset -4h /execute “id3.exe -y {Time.Year4} \temp\PD_{Time.Year4}{Time.MonthPad}{Time.DayPad}.mp3

This is for the Patriot Dames, tagging the file to give a nice little id3 tag that looks something like this on your ipod:

VoR Ramps up Promotion Machine

June 16, 2008

Win a VoR-customized iPod!

In the next few days, we will be announcing an Ipod giveaway as a way of promoting the Voice of Reason Podcast. To win, you will have to be subscribed to the podcast. We will be giving away several brand new iPod Nanos. More updates later in the week. Spread the word!

Government broken, watch for billboards

Later this month, we will debut our “Speak English” campaign in several major cities across the country. VoR seeks to express and focus the public outrage generated by a government that is hell-bent on electing a new citizenry (the won’t print my first choice–”Wanted: Angry young white males”).

Your continued support allows us to do all this and more, THANK-YOU!

Thanks to the donors!

June 8, 2008

Last Thursday, I got a call from Mishko right before Peter Schaenk was supposed to go on saying that the server was down. Generally, this is the IT guy’s nightmare. The server’s a thousand miles away at the hosting company’s location, and I could not get it to respond. Worse still, the ISP’s website is down, so it’s probably company-wide–ie: not something in my hands that can be fixed. These are things that happen with the best and most reliable hosting companies, but we’re a media outlet, and dead air is unacceptable.

“No problem,” I said. Thanks to you, the listener, we had just bought a second server that was installed with an identical setup to the main broadcast server. This server is housed in a different part of the country, the location owned by a different company. I dialed in and the server had taken over, happily playing a Marc Krieger archive to our audience who was none the wiser.

No doubt, this is a small thing to many, but from our perspective at VoR, watching the system continue to work after the main server gets chopped off is a wonderful thing. Most importantly, however, is the continuing support we get that allows us to put our best foot forward in presenting ourselves to new listeners as well as new talent. It’s working, and I thank you as we continue, with your support, to move forward. Thank-you!


Of lights and tunnels

April 28, 2008

Not a day goes by that I’m not humbled by the support we get at VoR. You would think that people coming forward to support you makes things a bit more relaxed, but it’s just the opposite–you want to dig in and show them that their investment in your organization is worth it. You know who you are, and we all thank you more than you know. We will continue working that no support of this project will ever be done in vain.

It’s 4:40AM Eastern, and I just finished coding up a PHP script that will hopefully fix the bugs we’ve had with the embedded players. The baby will be awake soon and will be very hungry, so I’ll have to do this in bullet points. My apologies:

  • We have a new host starting on Monday, May 5th. He will be broadcasting Monday – Friday, 11PM – 1 AM. Think: Mark Faust goes to law school. It’s going to be that good. Speaking of Mark Faust, I put his first show from last Sunday into the “Featured Content” section.
  • “Australian Philosopher” Glenn Albrecht answered something reposted by VoR contributer, Auldrav. He wants to tell us that we’re very bad for thinking that Whites have rights–or that Whites exist. We have lots of fun with him here. Come get your lulz off.
  • Mishko is back from Croatia at his home in Southern California. He was on the Friday show with Faust and Bud White, contrasting the positive atmosphere of all-white Croatia with the rude awakening of being grilled by a Mr. Ngyuen in customs upon his return to L.A. All that, and German ‘groids, plus some good rantage on the Friday show.
  • It won’t be long now that we’ll have all our audio promos and station IDs in place, so we’ll be sounding much more like a real “radio” station. We will also be going with a schedule that’s much more exciting that the basic filler music I’m playing when we’re not doing a live show or replaying a live archive. We’re going to be broadcasting EJ Steele’s Nickel Rants, re-mastered ADVs, speeches by Revillo P Oliver, some audio lectures of our peoples’ history, and more. It will overall be a more tightly focused production. It’s getting lower down on my list, so it will be happening before I do another update. Hit the email feedback link up top for suggestions. Those go straight to my in-box.
  • We’re incorporating as an L.L.C.
  • At some point soon, the website will grow out of its current awkward stage into something that looks more balanced and focused. Also, it should all work!

That’s it for now, which is good because I’m being summoned. Take care!



April 4, 2008

Peter Schaenk, 5PM (replays at 7PM)

Dietrich, 9PM, with Byron Jost of October Sun Films

Working the phones

April 2, 2008

Spoke with Mark Faust today, and I’m glad to hear that he’s excited about the project and is going to be broadcasting at least twice per week. I offered my Friday slot, and he took it. Now I’ll be able to concentrate more on getting this stuff fully in-gear.

Voice of Reason Radio Network

And, we’re off

April 2, 2008

After some re-tooling, we’re off to a rolling start. Thanks goes to Miskho, Dave, Bob, and Donnie with the SPU, Peter and Wagner–in that (chronological) order. I made the site to hold lots of archives, but we won’t have those until we have shows, so the site will fill out. Speaking of shows, today we have Peter Schaenk from 7-9PM Eastern, and John De Nugent right after at 9PM.

Voice of Reason Radio Network