Attack the System: Interview with Thomas N. Naylor

February 2, 2012

Thomas N. Naylor

Keith Preston interviews Thomas N. Naylor of the Second Vermont Republic. Topics include:

  • How support for secession grew out of opposition to the wars initiated by the Bush administration;
  • The negative impact of the Obama presidency on the secessionist movement;
  • How the military-industrial complex has taken over institutions of higher learning;
  • Why the Left has been impotent at developing an effective antiwar movement;
  • The stigma attached to secession due to the legacy of the Civil War and the Lincoln presidency;
  • How Vermont secessionists have been attacked by the Southern Poverty Law Center in retaliation for the threat posed by secessionists to the alliance between the U.S. and Israel;
  • The possibility of the break-up of the United States in the same manner as the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Thomas N. Naylor, is a Professor Emeritus of Economics at Duke University, the author of thirty books, and a founder of the Second Vermont Republic.

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Attack the System: Interview with Richard Spencer

January 26, 2012

Richard Spencer

Keith Preston interviews Richard Spencer. Topics include:

  • The origins of the “alternative right” and how it differs from the mainstream “conservative movement”;
  • The impact of the thought of Friedrich Nietzsche as the principal intellectual influence on the alternative right;
  • Why alternative rightists tend towards a more skeptical view of American power around the world than ordinary conservatives;
  • The greater willingness alternative right thinkers to entertain a more critical view of Christianity and why Christians on the alternative right tend to lean more towards Catholic traditionalism or Orthodoxy as opposed to the Protestant fundamentalism of American conservatives;
  • Why the United States is unsustainable as a nation-state entity.

Richard Spencer is the founder of, executive director of the National Policy Institute, a former editor of Taki’s Magazine and the American Conservative, and host of the Vanguard Internet radio program.

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Attack the System: Interview with Paul Gottfried

January 19, 2012

Paul Gottfried

Keith Preston interviews Paul Gottfried. Topics include:

  • The core characteristics that distinguish the Right from the Left, including a belief in the necessity and legitimacy of organic hierarchy, respect for the limitations imposed by human nature, and a preference for tradition ;
  • How the American “conservative movement” is not really of the Right and how mainstream American politics is dominated by two factions of the Left;
  • The transformation of the Left from its previous orientation towards Marxism to its current obsession with multiculturalism and alternative lifestyles;
  • The role of the managerial state in promoting Political Correctness;
  • The relationship between Christianity and modern “politics of guilt”;
  • Neoconservatism as an outgrowth of the radical Left.

Paul Gottfried is professor emeritus of the humanities at Elizabethtown College, prolific author, and a leading scholar of the American traditional Right.

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Attack the System: Anarchism, Secession and the Relevance of These to the Alternative Right

January 12, 2012

National-anarchism symbol

This is the debut show of Attack the System! Keith Preston discusses:

  • His own political journey from the radical left to the alternative right;
  • The history and purpose of and its leadership group, American Revolutionary Vanguard;
  • The philosophy of anarchism and its relevance to a modern society;
  • The growing tendency of national-anarchism;
  • Pan-secessionism as a strategic concept for the collaboration of dissident subcultures against the political class;
  • The possibility of strategic alliances that transcend boundaries of left and right;
  • How people tend to naturally self-separate along the lines of tribe and shared community values when left alone by the state;
  • The failure of the Left to create an effective opposition politics.

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Announcing Attack the System with Keith Preston

January 12, 2012

Attack the System - logo

The Voice of Reason Broadcast Network is pleased to announce a new program, Attack the System, hosted by Keith Preston. The program will discuss the political meta-strategy of pan-secessionism, the philosophy of anarchism and its relevance to the alternative right, alternative economics, anti-war, civil liberties and other dissident topics. The show will run weekly Thursdays, 8 to 9 PM, Eastern U.S. time, starting today, January 12, 2011.

About Keith Preston

To learn more about Keith and his ideas for “Pan-secessionism Against the Empire” please explore his website Attack the System. You can download his award-winning essay “Free Enterprise: The Antidote to Corporate Plutocracy” here. Keith has also written interesting and insightful essays for the Alternative Right.