Attack the System: Fourth Generation Warfare, Part Two

June 21, 2012

fourth generation warfare

Keith Preston continues his discussion of fourth generation warfare. Topics include:

  • The characteristics of each of the four generations of war that have emerged since the Peace of Westphalia and how these developed;
  • How the U.S. Civil War was a prototype for the ideologically driven total wars of the twentieth century;
  • The origins of modern terrorism in the French Revolution and the anarchist assassinations of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries;
  • The prevalence of terrorist groups in Europe and Latin America during the postwar era and how these were prototypes for fourth generation warfare forces;
  • How fourth generation warfare grew out of the anti-colonial movements of the mid to late twentieth century;
  • The role of Islamic revolutionary forces such as Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood as definitive fourth generation forces.

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