The Mark Weber Report: Why Diversity Is Not A `Strength,’ And Why Some Countries Are Better Off Than Others

June 20, 2012


Is it really true, as American political leaders and educators claim, that “diversity is our strength”? And why are some countries more prosperous, stable, orderly and happier than others? Detailed research by Harvard University scholar Robert Putnam, and others, shows that ethnic-racial “diversity” actually weakens a society. In more diverse societies, levels of trust are not only lower between groups, but even among members of the same group. Ethnically cohesive societies are more prosperous, trusting, orderly, safe and healthy than those that are diverse. Extensive, path-breaking research by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen shows that a nation’s level of prosperity, economic progress and social well-being is based above all on the average intelligence level of its people. Hard data and historical experience show that the ideology and social-racial policies of the US today are not based on reality, which means that the nation’s most serious problems will inevitably worsen.

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