The Fighting Side of Me: Dealing With “Diversity”

June 12, 2012

New Yorker - homosexual White House cover

Paul Fromm

  • … wonders why he doesn’t feel enriched by the sight of a man in a pumpkin orange robe and sherbet orange woollen cap at SF International Airport;
  • … blasts the “diversity” freak show at Obama’s “Gay Pride Month” at the White House, June 15, honouring the military. What must serious military rivals like the Red Chinese now think of the homo-friendly U.S. military?
  • … marvels at Native Indian ad telling how 100 tribes in California create “diversity” and creativity;
  • … lambasts the nonsense of the “Diversity and Inclusion Council” at Canadian accounting giant Deloitte Touche;
  • … dissects the causes behind phenomenon that 37% of American Negroes without a high school education are in prison.

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