Attack the System: An Introduction to Tribal Anarchism, Part 2

May 31, 2012

American anarchist

Keith Preston continues his discussion of the concept of tribal anarchism. Topics include:

  • The need to synthesize the major anarchist traditions into a comprehensive anarchist meta-politics and incorporate the scattered anarchist tendencies as “tribes” within the wider meta-anarchist paradigm;
  • How tribal anarchism provides a framework where both contending anarchist tribes and stateless tribes of non-anarchists can peacefully co-exist and unify against the totalitarian liberal-humanist empire;
  • How anarchist polities might deal with practical questions such as defense, economics, crime, or immigration and how the non-aggression principle establishes a basic foundation for anarchist common law;
  • How race issues might be handled on the model of “separation of race and state” akin to the concept of “separation of church and state” and how co-existing racial-ideological tribes might form within such a model;
  • The need to forge a pan-anarchist front that unites anti-state radicals as the leadership corps of a larger libertarian-populist movement that creates alternative infrastructure towards the goal of pan-secession as its primary strategic vehicle;
  • The ten core demographics and wider agglomeration of political interest groups that might become the constituency for pan-anarchism and pan-secessionism;
  • Past prototypes for such a movement including the American Revolution, the eclipsing of the Whig Party by the Republicans, the Confederate secession, the pre-WW2 Spanish anarchist movement, and Hezbollah’s successful defenses Lebanon against Israeli occupation.

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