The Stark Truth: Interview with James O’Meara

May 23, 2012

James O'Meara astrological chart

Robert interviews James O’Meara. Topics include:

  • How Aryan states, based on male associations, differ from Judaic societies, based on ‘family values,’ and how this affects our counter-cultural struggle today;
  • Homosexuality;
  • How can “conservatives” mount an effective opposition to “liberals” when they share the same, ultimately Judaic, ideas;
  • Whether “popular culture” is the enemy, or does his contain Traditionalist ideas that can aid in the struggle against Liberal hegemony.

James J. O’Meara was born in Detroit, educated in Canada, and now lives in an abandoned glove factory in Long Island City. From the top of this crumbling remnant of America’s industrial might, overlooking the skyline of Manhattan, he broods with morose delectation over the inevitable reappearance of the hordes of White youth known to history as the Männerbund, or Wild Boys. His periodic bulletins on their activities appear on his blog, Where the Wild Boys Are, and at A collection of his essays, The Homo and the Negro, appearing shortly from Counter-Currents, will serve as their handbook.

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