The Stark Truth: Interview with Igor Artemov

May 21, 2012

Igor Artimov and the RONS logo

Robert interviews Igor Artemov. Topics include:

  • The truth about Putin–exposing the myth that he is a Russian Nationalist;
  • Recent Russian presidential election;
  • The oligarchs and Putin’s relationship with them;
  • Political persecution of Russian nationalists;
  • Immigration and the globalist agenda.

Igor Artemov holds a PhD in history (1990, Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow). He is the author of scientific articles about medieval Iran and Central Asia. He is one of the founders and chairman of Russian All-National Union (abbreviated RONS in Russian), a Russian national, Christian political and social movement, and also a state senator in the province of Vladimir (2001-2009), a writer and ideologist of Russian Renaissance, and the editor of the magazine “The Third Rome”. He is married with two sons and daughter.

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