Attack the System: Electing a New People

May 17, 2012

François Hollande

Keith Preston discusses recent European election results and how these are a manifestation of the Left’s strategy of a “electing a new people.” Topics include:

  • How the victories of the center-left in recent French, English, and German elections are best explained as resulting from the Left’ strategy of creating a permanent power base for itself through radical demographic change and expansion of the public sector bureaucracy;
  • Why Obama will likely win re-election due to the Left’s pursuit of the same strategy in the United States;
  • How the Left’s strategy will likely keep the Left in power for decades to come regardless of actual performance;
  • Why Euronationalist parties like Marine Le Pen’s National Front and Nick Griffin’s British National Party will be unable to curb the hegemony of the Left;
  • The need for a new kind of politics that is able to crack the Left’s coalition and build a new political majority through the promotion of secession and decentralization as alternatives to both political correctness and totalitarian government.

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