The Stark Truth: Interview with Marc Armstrong

May 7, 2012

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Robert interviews Marc Armstrong. Topics include:

  • The public Bank of North Dakota and how North Dakota has kept corporations out of the agriculture industry;
  • Whether publicly owned banks provide unfair competition to local privately owned banks;
  • How a publicly owned bank be different from a privately owned one;
  • Whether public banks are an end in themselves, and whether monetary reform, toward publicly issued interest-free money, is also needed;
  • Whether the Federal Reserve would be ended;
  • How public banking would lead to economic decentralization;
  • Bill in California State Assembly that would implement public banking.

Marc Armstrong is the executive director of the Public Banking Institute which advocates for the concept of state-owned banks, as was started nearly 100 years ago by the Bank of North Dakota. With the PBI’s first-ever public banking conference planned for late April, and as more states look at this idea, are state-owned banks only part of the answer toward rescuing the economy?

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