The Fighting Side of Me: What Do You Do When You’re Ruled by Idiots?

May 1, 2012

Bev Oda, having a lot of fun giving away taxpayers' money to the world's poor

Bev Oda, having a lot of fun giving away taxpayers’ money to the world’s poor

Paul Fromm discusses:

  • Backing the wrong red horse — up-and-coming Chinese Communist Party apparatchik Bo Xilai purged, though he wanted to restore some forms of Maoism, Bo was long a favourite of Canada’s diplomats;
  • Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s admitting that the immigration system is broken (“terrible inefficiencies”), but wanting to retain “among the highest levels per capita” immigration in the world — despite 7.2% official unemployment;
  • Doing well by doing good — Canada’s foreign aid minister Bev Oda lives the high life in London at conference for world’s poor children — $1,000/day chauffeur for a $12 cab ride; $16 glass of orange juice; 3 nights at the Savoy ($695 per night).

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