The Stark Truth: Interview with Joseph Fasciani

April 27, 2012

Joe Fasciani

Robert interviews Joseph Fasciani. Topics include:

  • How we could replace the Fed with social credit;
  • The History of social credit in Canada and how it was sabotaged by the neoconservative regime;
  • A social service tax on alchohol and tobacco which combined are responsible for 40% of health care costs;
  • Lincoln’s greenbacks — a theory why he was assassinated;
  • The need for what Joe Fasciani describes as small scale capitalism or what others may know as distributism;
  • Walmart versus the world.

Joseph Fasciani, writer and poet, was born in Chicago in 1943 and immigrated to Canada in 1969. He might be described as a “Christian-anarchist-libertarian”. He has been published in the US, Canada, and the UK since 1965. His Internet publications began with in March 2003 and continue to present.

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