The Friday Show: Tanstaafl on Breivik

April 27, 2012

Anders Breivik salutes courtroom

Mike Conner & Matt Parrott host. Tanstaafl of the Age of Treason blog appears in 2nd & 3rd half hours to discuss Anders Breivik. Topics include:

  • Sanford police chief resigning over Martin Trayvon while media-incited Blacks continue to beat Whites across the country;
  • What the Breivik trial is really about, the counter-jihad movement and nationalism, and Breivik’s position on Jews;
  • The “enemy media” and why Breivik felt to forced to do what he did;
  • News bag–Whitest American state also the most peaceful, Whites blamed for Black tipping habits, Haiti’s rape victims, homosexuals attacking Boy Scouts, and Jewish political strategists attacking house moms.

Michael from South Carolina joins the discussion in the last half hour.

27 MB / 32 kbps mono / 1 hour 56 min.

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