The European American Hour: Iranian for Aryans on Archaeology

April 26, 2012

Dr Dennis Stanford with ancient stone wapons

Host Stan Hess converses with Iranian about real archaeology of the white world. Gunnar Thompson, Dr. Dennis Stanford, and Thor Heyerdahl are some of the notable men of achievement mentioned.

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The Orthodox Nationalist: Russian Peasants and Agrarians (1861-1906)

April 26, 2012

icon theotokos - she who ripens the grain

Matt Johnson discusses:

  • The Russian peasant mind;
  • The rape of Russia by the new capitalists;
  • The nature of tsarist bureaucracy and royal power;
  • Communal life and education in Russia.

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Attack the System: Totalitarian Humanism and Strategies for Resistance

April 26, 2012

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Keith Preston discusses possible strategies for building resistance to the hegemony of the totalitarian Left. Topics include:

  • The weaknesses of strategies that others have proposed, such as the Majority Strategy and third part efforts;
  • How the shrinking size of working to middle class whites makes the achievement of a demographic majority impossible;
  • Keith’s concepts of “Liberty and Populism” and “Pan-Secessionism” as grand strategies for building a long term effective resistance to the ruling class;
  • Why a national movement to boycott federal elections would have the effect of de-legitimizing the system and how developing a federation of local political organizations might be a means of bypassing the political establishment;
  • The possibility of outreach to left-wing decentralists and how local and regional secessionist movements might achieve political hegemony at the municipal, county, or state level;
  • The case for a “national divorce” between geographical regions or demographic populations with irreconcilable political and cultural differences.

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Jamie Kelso: Raymond Bernard Cattell (1905-1998)

April 26, 2012


Raymond Bernard Cattell (1905-1998), among the greatest psychologists of all time, and among the greatest advocates of White survival and self-improvement, is the subject of Jamie Kelso’s April 26, 2012 radio show. Cattell created a philosophy, religious in its implications, from science that he called “Beyondism”. Beyondism was created to help us do a better job of raising future generations of us.

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In Memoriam, Jonathan Bowden

April 26, 2012

Jonathan Bowden

It is with sadness that VoR notes the passing of Jonathan David Anthony Bowden (April 12, 1962 – March 29, 2012).

Jonathan Bowden was a British artist, speaker, writer, film maker, cultural critic, political figure, and chairman of the New Right, an organization in the UK. He will be perhaps best remembered for the riveting oratory that he delivered for the sake of the indigenous British peoples and of the greater White West. He will be missed by all who knew him or who heard him speak.

Jonathan Bowden on VoR:

Here’s a YouTube video that gives some indication of Bowden’s oratorical prowess:

You can find other videos via Web search.