The Friday Show: Interviews with Thomas Buhls and Christian Gray

April 20, 2012

Thomas Buhls versus antiracist mob

Mike Conner & Matt Parrott host. Thomas Buhls, a 20-something military veteran and full-time college student, is guest in the second half hour and Christian Gray, owner and editor of a Web site for pro-White Christians, is guest in third. Topics include:

  • The trial of Anders Breivik, and some thoughts on the efficacy of violence to send a political message;
  • The Secret Service’s Columbian prostitute scandal;
  • Thomas Buhls’s stand earlier this month for Confederate Heritage in Bloomington, Indiana, and the anti-racist mob who menaced him [see featured image];
  • Christian Gray’s “kinist” Web site, and his views on pro-White Christianity and related issues;
  • News bag–Secret Service investigating chickenhawk Ted Nugent and American Jews ever wary of evangelicals, .

Frank from Pittsburgh calls in the last half hour.

27 MB / 32 kbps mono / 1 hour 56 min.

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