Attack the System: The Ideology of Totalitarian Humanism

April 19, 2012

Political Correctness

Keith Preston discusses the ideology of present day Western elites. Topics include:

  • Why Keith prefers the term “totalitarian humanism” to describe Political Correctness;
  • Various theories on the origins of the totalitarian humanist world view and the conflict between realist and other-worldly thinking in traditional Western intellectual life;
  • How the Left embraces the Other as a means of denying human nature and how totalitarian humanism has become the self-legitimating ideology of modern Western states;
  • The demographics of totalitarian humanism and why the primary constituency for PC is found in the upper middle class;
  • How the mainstream “culture wars” represents a class conflict between the rising culturally leftist upper middle class and the dying traditional WASP elites;
  • Why a class revolution has occurred in Western civilization in recent decades that is comparable to the bourgeois revolutions against the traditional aristocratic orders that transpired in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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