The Heretics’ Hour: An Interview with Christine Miller

April 9, 2012

Heinz Postenrieder  - Feldzug im Osten

Christine Miller tells Carolyn about her life in wartime and post-war Germany during her youth and her move to the United States in 1956. After raising a family and teaching high school German, she began writing letters, mostly to her hometown newspaper. They are compiled in a second book, Reality Check, and can also be found on her Web site. Her outspoken views on “Holocaust” and other politically sensitive issues have embroiled her in controversy. Her books can be ordered at her website or by writing to her at

Campaign in the East: Aug 2, 1941 – April 19, 1942 is the war diary of Heinz Postenrieder, published by his daughter Chris Miller in 2010. It includes many of his photographs of the people and places in Russia that he and his battalion came upon during these months of Wehrmacht advance.

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