The Stark Truth: Interview with Lee Whitnum

March 28, 2012

Lee Whitnum

Robert interviews Lee Whitnum. Topics include:

  • The real reasons for 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq;
  • The inaccurate use of the term “antisemitic”;
  • Banning the euthanizing of unwanted and abandoned animals in shelters by gassing;
  • Biofuels;
  • Banning the sale of seafood caught by industrial fishing companies that engage in deep water trawling;
  • Proposed bill to prosecute settler violence;
  • Financial reform;
  • Bringing back manufacturing jobs;
  • White collar immigration.

Lee Whitnum is a Democratic Party candidate for US Senate in Connecticut and author of the upcoming book, Anti-AIPAC, not Anti-Semitic: The Israel Lobby’s Dangerous Control of Congress. She holds a masters degree (edm) from Harvard University in Administration, Planning and Social Policy. Whitnum has a heightened awareness of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because of her father, who was a British officer in the 1940s.

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