The Mark Weber Report: America’s Great, Flawed Ideology of Individualism

March 21, 2012

US dollar sign

America’s ever more obvious cultural disintegration and social paralysis, and its erosion of national identity and purpose, are not minor or temporary problems, but are symptoms of a deep-rooted social-political illness and a systemic failure of the country’s democratic-capitalist System. In large measure, this sickness is the predictable, inevitable consequence of America’s basic ideology of “pursuit of happiness” individualism. A guiding outlook that was useful, and perhaps even necessary, in an earlier age is now a liability. The ideology laid out in the US Declaration of Independence greatly encouraged this country’s astonishing dynamism, growth, inventiveness and prosperity, especially during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. But the core outlook that once contributed to this country’s development is incapable of sustaining a stable and healthy society. Especially in recent decades, America’s “pursuit of happiness” ideology has, inevitably and inexorably, been hastening our nation’s social-political dissolution and decline

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The Stark Truth: Greg Johnson on Political Strategies

March 21, 2012

art by Harold Arthur McNeill

Robert Stark and returning guest Greg Johnson discuss:

  • The end of globalization;
  • Building political coalitions and appealing to groups, e.g. environmentalists, abandoned by the Left in favor of race replacement;
  • Social issues such as drug legalization and abortion;
  • How about fascist medicine?

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Jamie Kelso: On Pat Buchanan & Merlin Miller

March 21, 2012

Pat Buchanan - Suicide of a Superpower

Pat Buchanan takes the bold step of urging the Republican Party to explicitly proclaim itself to be what it has implicitly already become – which is The White Party. He sees us headed for suicide as a race if we don’t start acting in our own interests as a race, including advocating for ourselves in politics. Buchanan is now 73 years old. What does he think of our tiny American Third Position party? Our presidential candidate Merlin Miller (West Point class of ’74) is doing just what Buchanan hopes, in the pages of his latest book Suicide of a Superpower, that a revolutionized Republican Party will begin doing.

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