The Mark Weber Report: The Dangerous Campaign For War Against Iran

March 14, 2012

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli prime minister Netanyahu and the Jewish-Zionist “amen corner” in the US insist that Iran must not be allowed to acquire even the capability of developing a nuclear weapon, and they threaten war to keep that from happening. But diplomats, military leaders, scholars and specialists are warning of the catastrophic consequneces of any military strike against Iran. As US and Israeli intelligence officials acknowledge, Iran is some time away, perhaps years away, from developing nuclear weapons. And even with nuclear weapons, specialists point out, Iran would be much less dangerous than most people assume. It would not be an “existential” threat to Israel, which itself already has a large and illicit nuclear weapons arsenal. Most Americans believe — mistakenly — that Iran has nuclear weapons. Such mass ignorance is understandable, given how the US public is systematically misinformed, misguided and misled by a mass media beholden to sectarian and partisan interests, and by political leaders who put their career interests ahead of what’s good for the American people and humanity.

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