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February 28, 2012

Paul Fromm addressing the 'Stop the Genocide' Rally, Feb. 27, 2012

Paul Fromm addressing the “Stop the Genocide” Rally at the State Capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on behalf of the Council of Conservative Citizens on February 27, 2012

Paul Fromm

  • … discusses the South Africa Project protests across the U.S. denouncing the genocidal murders (3,200 and counting since 1994) of White South African farmers;
  • … explains why anti-racists attacked these protests in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Sacramento, California;
  • … exposes the media bias in ignoring or smearing the anti-genocide protests;
  • … cheers the victory over Internet censorship in Canada–Parliament gives crucial second reading to Bill C-304 which would repeal the notorious Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act — Internet censorship where truth is no defence and intent is no defence.

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