The Stark Truth: Stephen Sniegoski on the Situation in Syria

February 20, 2012

Stephen Sniegoski

Robert Stark interviews returning guest Dr. Stephen J. Sniegoski. Topics include:

  • Israel Lobby pushing for US action against the Syrian government;
  • How Israel Lobby’s position has nothing to do with ending oppression;
  • The plan to dissolve and ethnically fragment Israel’s neighboring states;
  • The neoconservative 1996 Clean Break paper;
  • The current situation in Iraq, chance of civil war and how that would relate to Syria and Iran;
  • Israel’s assassination of Iran’s nuclear scientists, and Iran’s retaliation against Israeli Citizens;
  • Neocon Eliot Abraham’s “blood libel” charge against journalists reporting Israel Lobby’s push for war.

Stephen J. Sniegoski, Ph.D. earned his doctorate in American history, with a focus on American foreign policy, at the University of Maryland. He has had articles published in The World & I, Modern Age, Current Concerns, Zeit-Fragen, Telos, The Occidental Quarterly, Arab News, The Last Ditch, and elsewhere on subjects such as communism, political philosophy, World War II, and the American war on Iraq. He is the author of The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel (2008).

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