The Sunic Journal: Interview with Andrew Fraser, Part 2

February 14, 2012

Andrew Fraser - 'The WASP Question'

Tom Sunic and Professor Andrew W. Fraser discuss:

  • Feedback from listeners on part 1 of the interview;
  • Fraser’s long-term vision of an Anglo-Saxon tribal confederation;
  • The problems faced by Anglo-Saxons analyzed as spiritual;
  • Fraser’s assertion that White racial identity is propositional;
  • Americanism regarded as the “divine economy”;
  • The need to rethink everything in the coming world without cheap energy.

Andrew W. Fraser is a retired professor of law from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Born in Canada, he completed academic studies there and in the US, where he received a Master of Laws, (LL.M) from Harvard Law School. His teaching and professorial career in Australia spanned 40 years and has included visiting lecture commissions at Oxford, England, at Passau, Germany, and Halifax, Canada.

In addition to two books on law, he authored The WASP Question (2011), which bears upon his current independent research project: Anglo-Saxon Christian ethnotheology versus WASP atheology.

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