The Heretics’ Hour: Memorializing Dresden in an Age of Treason

February 13, 2012

Dresden commemoration

Tanstaafl of Age-of-Treason Blog and Carolyn Yeager try to make sense of the senseless and question why people believe the unbelievable. The destruction of Dresden and the denial of its true magnitude is symptomatic of the sickness of our age. Topics include:

  • Carolyn reads passages about the Dresden bombing from The Fire by Jörg Friedrich;
  • The bombing was in three waves from night to the next noontime in order to kill as many people as possible;
  • The figures of over 100,000 dead are not off the chart, but were determined by responsible civic officers who were there;
  • The temperature of the Dresden fires reached more than twice what is necessary for cremation;
  • Today, political correctness insists it be played down, most especially by the German government!
  • While in London, a new large memorial to the British pilots of Bomber Command is reaching completion;
  • Tanstaafl’s guide to understanding the Jewish narrative is “What’s good for the Jews.” It’s no more complicated than that..

Rodney Martin call in the 2nd hour to comment on Dresden anniversary.

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The Stark Truth: Michael Myers on the South Africa Project

February 13, 2012

The South Africa Project - logo

Robert Stark interviews Michael Myers, the chief coordinator of the South Africa Project. World wide protest will be held February 27th. Topics include:

  • Organizing the protest he is running in Sacramento, California;
  • The importance of keeping a positive image;
  • The current situation in South Africa, and the nation’s past and future;
  • Double standards in the media and academia in regards to genocide and atrocities;
  • Genocide Watch’s rating of South Africa at stage 6, which is preparation for genocide.

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Jamie Kelso: Presidential Election Update

February 13, 2012

GOP debate

Jamie Kelso talks about the Merlin Miller and Ron Paul presidential campaigns in his February 13, 2012 radio show. VOR listeners are the first to hear about a short campaign book by Merlin Miller that will be published by American Third Position. Kelso also reviews an easy way for every patriot who is a registered voter in the U.S. to help the Miller campaign immediately by registering support for the Miller campaign at A detailed step-by-step on how to immediately help A3P Miller/Abernethy ticket is located here.

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