The Fighting Side of Me: The Fruits of Minorityitis

February 7, 2012

John Baird and his Rabbi Chaim Mendelsohn

Paul Fromm

  • … blasts Australian catering to minorities — radical Aborigines try to assault Prime Minister Julia Gillard after opposition leader Tony Abbott calls for dismantling of 40-year old native protest squat camp, eyesore in front of Aussie Parliament;
  • … exposes Canada’s Israel-first Foreign Minister John Baird’s visit to Israel — “Canada is Israel’s best friend” — Baird travels with his rabbi, radical Lubavitcher Chaim Mendelsohn;
  • … praises Canadian Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu challenging cultural equality — “He added that the Canadian immigration system should ensure that newcomers agree with Canadian justice after a more ‘thorough analysis’ of their values and beliefs”;
  • … points out Canadians oppose Harper’s Israel sucky policy — 36% support Palestinian bid for UN recognition of its statehood; 11% oppose; 53% have no opinion — the government sides with the 11%.

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