The Fighting Side of Me: Persecuting Nationalists & Prostituting Politicians

January 31, 2012

Don Ness

Don Ness, flooded with email denouncing his anti-White billboard campaign.

Paul Fromm

  • … blasts J.G. Wentworth’s ad with Negro “Viking”;
  • … exposes more examples of White nationalists being spied on by their employers and persecuted for views in e-mails;
  • … discusses Austrian President, who withdrew award from Freedom Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache for comparing antifa persecution of nationalists to the lot of Jews;
  • … notes report that arrogant Israel will give Obama just twelve hours warning before aggression against Iran;
  • … applauds Earl from Longview Texas, who walloped Duluth Mayor Don Ness for funding billboards denouncing “White skin privilege” (have your say, too —;
  • … celebrates the beginning of the end of multicult in Canada — guilty on all four counts of murder, Mohammad Shafia, Hamed Shafia, and Tooba Shafia, in “honour” killing of daughters wanting to go on dates.

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