Attack the System: Interview with Richard Spencer

January 26, 2012

Richard Spencer

Keith Preston interviews Richard Spencer. Topics include:

  • The origins of the “alternative right” and how it differs from the mainstream “conservative movement”;
  • The impact of the thought of Friedrich Nietzsche as the principal intellectual influence on the alternative right;
  • Why alternative rightists tend towards a more skeptical view of American power around the world than ordinary conservatives;
  • The greater willingness alternative right thinkers to entertain a more critical view of Christianity and why Christians on the alternative right tend to lean more towards Catholic traditionalism or Orthodoxy as opposed to the Protestant fundamentalism of American conservatives;
  • Why the United States is unsustainable as a nation-state entity.

Richard Spencer is the founder of, executive director of the National Policy Institute, a former editor of Taki’s Magazine and the American Conservative, and host of the Vanguard Internet radio program.

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