Fork in the Road: Mexico: The Narco Terrorist State and the Duty to Warn and to Protect

January 25, 2012

Victor Davis Hanson - Mexifornia

Stan Hess and Paul Fromm discuss Mexico’s invasion into California and other parts of the U.S. Stan reads from parts of Victor Davis Hanson’s article “A Vandalized Valley” and refers to Hanson’s book Mexifornia.

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The Mark Weber Report: Myths About Lincoln and the Civil War

January 25, 2012

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is honored as “The Great Emancipator,” as a champion of equal rights for all, regardless of race, and as the president who waged war to “free the slaves.” In fact, he sought to make the US an all-white republic that would be “an outlet for free white people everywhere, the world over.” He supported ambitious efforts to resettle or “colonize” blacks in Africa or central America. In today’s America, the heritage of slavery is so shameful that many who honor the legacy of the South and the Confederacy deny that the motive of white southerners in breaking away from the federal union in 1860-61 was above all to preserve the institution of race-based slavery. A common mistake in trying to learn from the past is to evaluate the behavior and motives of people in history on the basis of attitudes and values that prevail in the present.

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The Stark Truth: Interview with F. Roger Devlin

January 25, 2012

Devlin - pen and sword

Robert interviews F. Roger Devlin. Topics include:

  • The upcoming book Human Nature: An Evolutionary History of the Two Domains, written by Walter Kistler with the assistance of Devlin;
  • Eugenics v. dysgenics;
  • Charles Murray’s new book, Coming Apart, and the elite and underclass;
  • Sexual utopia in power.

About F. Roger Devlin

To learn more about F. Roger Devlin and his unique perspective read his insightful essays at The Occidental QuarterlyTOQonline and VDARE. His important book Alexandre Kojeve and the Outcome of Modern Thought can be found here on Amazon.

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Jamie Kelso: PCR Roundup

January 25, 2012

The patriot that Taki has called America’s best columnist, Paul Craig Roberts, has hit two more columns out of the park with his latest commenties. Jamie Kelso gives his appreciation of these two column in his January 25, 2012 radio show. You can read the originals: “More on Ron Paul” and “Drowning in Hypocrisy” at

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