The Sunic Journal: Interview with Søren Renner

January 17, 2012

Søren Renner

Tom Sunic interviews Søren Renner. Topics include:

  • Pessimism sufficient to understanding the perils ahead, a prerequisite to optimism and plan of action;
  • God being on “their side, not ours” – a recent, maladaptive development;
  • Necessary theocratic realignment may be allowed for in outflanking;
  • Possibility emerging through declarative unanimity in anticipation of a “partial collapse” for which the enemy is unprepared.

Søren Renner, declaring, “billions will die; we will win”, encapsulates his pessimistic/optimistic naturalist perspective on the White demographic predicament. He has devoted considerable attention in anticipation of the Malthusian catastrophe and its impacts on just who in particular? Whites.

Moving through ecological concerns that were race neutral to begin, Søren was triggered into that racial awakening, leading to his becoming a central contributor to Majority Rights. There, Søren explores the advantages of superior i.q. in the struggle for White survival, including interviews of such prominent figures as Sunic and Lowell. Tonight he finds himself on the interviewee end of a conversation with Dr. Sunic.

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