The Friday Show: “The Content of Their Character” – Judged and Found Wanting

January 13, 2012

the content of their character, indeed

Hosts Mike Conner & Matt Parrott discuss:

  • The MLK cult, and an anti-White assessment of the state of MLK’s “dream”;
  • Chimpout of the week – Black female youfs corner and savagely beat a lone 14 year old White girl on Oregon train while Black bystanders hoot and cheer;
  • Ohio landlord facing punitive damages over “White only” sign at privately owned swimming pool, and some thoughts on Black swimming abilities;
  • North Carolina compensating sterilized non-Whites, and some thoughts on eugenics;
  • New Jersey synagogue firebombing called a “hate crime” – or is it yet another hoax;
  • Pat Buchanan out at MSNBC, whether by suspension or by health problems.

Callers-in Frank from Pittsburgh and Hadding Scott join the discussion.

27 MB / 32 kbps mono / 1 hour 56 min.

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