The Stark Truth: Interview with Giovanni Dannato

January 11, 2012

Heretic burned at stake

Robert interviews Giovanni Dannato. Topics include:

  • Introversion;
  • Giovanni’s time studying abroad in Argentina;
  • The contrast between Argentinian culture and American Culture, the latter of which Giovanni critiques as “social cacooning”;
  • How statutory rape laws are a subsidy on female sexual market value.

Giovanni Dannato is a blogger who focuses on societies on the macroscale and how their workings seem counterintuitive, at least at first; how the process of making sense of things often involves deconstructing everything we were taught.

He blogs at Kingdom of Introversion, the premise of which is that “introversion” is just a mainstream word to describe those who don’t jive well with the orthodox social climate and that a society can’t please everyone; that at best they can satisfy a tyrannical majority; that it’s up to those who missed out to create their own order.

His other blog is 6 Heretic’s Way which asks the question, “Under which circumstances should we be loyal to a society?” and applies that question to our actual society.

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