Jamie Kelso: The A3P Presidential Ticket

January 11, 2012

Merlin Miller, A3P presidential candidate

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Merlin Miller for President and Dr. Virginia Abernethy for Vice President in 2012 on the American Third Position ticket is Jamie Kelso’s radio subject for January 11, 2012. Kelso also talks about the parallel development of the Ron Paul Revolution with the birth of the American Third Position. A3P candidate Merlin Miler, A3P Chairman William Johnson, and Kelso were together at the Ron Paul counter-convention of 15,000 roaring White folks on Sept. 2, 2008 in Minneapolis. There was no A3P then, only the need for the A3P, a party that takes the White common sense message those extra steps beyond the Ron Paul Revolution message necessary to complete a program for saving a future for our people. Kelso, who is Membership Coordinator on the A3P Board of Directors invites each VOR listener to call him at 561 351-4424 to find out how you can help get the Miller/Abernethy ticket on the ballot in your State.

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