The Nationalist Report: Update on South Africa with Marc Cornah

July 16, 2012

Blacks shouting ''Kill the Boer''

The Nationalist Report returns! Mishko Novosel & Mike Conner interview returning guest Marc Cornah. Topics include:

  • The situation in the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) of South Africa since Terre’Blanche’s assassination;
  • Update on the criminal trial against Terre’Blanche’s assassins;
  • The current (relatively speaking) lack of violence–the “calm before the storm”;
  • How South Africa’s immigration invasion is making a bad situation worse;
  • China’s economic/colonial designs on Africa;
  • South Africa’s impending future, its relevance to Whites, and the need to spread the word.

Marc Cornah is the leader of the Cape region of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) of South Africa. To contact Marc, write to .

13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 57 min.

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Update 2: VoR Server Status

July 5, 2012

(Update 2 (Jul. 9): The server is working for the most part, but we still are experiencing aforementioned audio issues with “live” shows (i.e. shows recorded on-air). Despite the fact that the software worked for four years, and despite a large amount of research which I conducted over the few days, I simply do not know the reason for the current problem. I am in the process of contacting and consulting with software providers about this problem. In the meantime, all new VoR shows will be recorded off-air. Starting immediately, I am going to shift my emphasis to editing and posting shows from the last couple weeks. After I catch up with posts, if the software providers whom I am currently contacting can’t give us practical solutions, I am going to find and purchase software which actually works the way that we need it to work. All of this is research and development which I really don’t have time to undertake, but unfortunately I really have no other choice. Rest assured that this network will eventually get past these problems, land on its feet, and push forward. -Mike)

(Update 1 (Jul. 5): After running today’s Paul Fromm show today, it’s clear that there are severe audio quality issues to be ironed out. These issues only seem to affect live shows. We have a slightly faster computer CPU and much more RAM than before, and everything appears to be configured correctly, so I honestly don’t know the source of this audio problem. For some reason the recorded sound is marred. Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to look back at the old server to compare. All I can say is that I will keep working until all technical issues are resolved.)

The VoR broadcasting server has been down since Friday, June 29.

Due to some prolonged technical issues (mainly software compatibility issues involving a more modern operating system), it took a lot longer than planned, but we are pleased to announce a new VoR server has been built and configured and will begin air shows today. For the next few days, we will have a special schedule that will feature the shows that should have been run last Friday this week.

Today’s schedule (July 5):

4pm ET: The Fighting Side of Me with Paul Fromm (make-up for Tue. Jul. 3)

5pm – 12pm ET: Maintenance

10pm ET: (not very likely) European American Hour with Stan Hess (new live show)

Tomorrow’s schedule (July 6):

8pm ET: The Stark Truth as normally scheduled

9pm ET: The Friday Show, live

All other shows to be announced.