The Mark Weber Report: Politicians’ Bidding for Jewish Support Highlights Corruption of US Political Life

December 14, 2011

Gingrich and Romney laughing

Nothing more vividly underscores the depths to which American political life has fallen than the behavior of leading presidential candidates at a recent meeting of the “Republican Jewish Coalition.” They sought to outdo each other in bidding for support from the single most powerful and influential ethnic-religious group in the US. Such self-serving behavior is not new, but has long been an expression of the corruption of American political life. In 1947-48, President Harry Truman faced the choice of whether or not to support the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine. Secretary of State Marshall, along with all other knowledgeable US officials, warned that support for Zionist ambitions in the Middle East would have harmful, long-term consequences for America and the world. But Truman ignored these warnings. By supporting the new Jewish state, he put partisan political considerations foremost. This fateful decision was the “original sin” of US Middle East policy.

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