The Stark Truth: Citizens Party Presidential Debate

December 7, 2011

Top left: Keith john Ferguson; top right: Mark B. Graham; bottom left: Charles Earl Harvey; bottom right: Max Riekse.

Robert Stark holds a debate of the Citizens Party 2012 presidential candidates. The candidates participating are:

Keith John Ferguson, born in 1961 in Lowell Massachusetts, is a hard worker who cares about all the people as one people. A plumber by trade, he has four children. His family has been here since the late 1700s.

Mark B. Graham, born in 1960, is married with three children. He resides in Saint Albans, West Virginia, is a Methodist, and has an A.S. in computer science. His campaign Web site is

Charles Earl Harvey has a masters degree from Wayne State University and is a clinical therapist in mental health. He is a ballroom dance instructor; he is active in community service, police reserve, and volunteer hospitals; he has served as councilman and volunteer fire fighter. His campaign Web site is

Max Riekse is an American nationalist, populist, and America-firster from western Michigan. He served as a military intelligence officer in the US Army in Vietnam, and later as a public school teacher. He has a wife and one son. His campaign Web site is

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