The Mark Weber Report: Why US Politicians Boast of ‘American Exceptionalism’

December 7, 2011

Republican presidential candidates (with the notable exception of Ron Paul) and other prominent politicians boast of their belief in “American exceptionalism.” This is more than “feel good” talk. Such rhetoric is used as a pretext or justification for otherwise inexcusable policies that actually harm America and the world. Most of the world understandably regards such talk as dangerously arrogant and foolish. It’s no coincidence that the politicians who talk the loudest about “American exceptionalism” are also the most craven in their pandering to Jewish-Zionist power and vehement in their support for Israel. Americans are not inherently more virtuous or “freedom loving” than other peoples. America’s extraordinarily rapid rise, and its prosperity and eminence during the twentieth century, are due to objective historical factors, which are no longer as relevant as they were in the past.

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