The Fighting Side of Me: Truth Instead of Political Correctitude

December 6, 2011

Terry Tremaine

Paul Fromm:

  • … denounces the Crown for prosecuting Terry Tremaine for “hate” and seeking yet another delay in a hearing challenging their long delay in this case;
  • … praises Gatineau, Quebec for its guidelines for immigrants — no bribes, honour killings, or sexual abuse of children;
  • … wonders how an Indian reserve (Attawapiskat) can get over $90,000,000 for its 1,850 people in five years and still be living in dire poverty with some people living in tents and unheated shacks;
  • … explains the origin of Sec. 13 of Canada’s Human Rights Act. It started as censorship of telephone answering machines and then graduated to Internet censorship;
  • … outlines the Canadian Association for Free Expession’s submissions — “hate” law based on scientific bunk — arguments at next week’s Marc Lemire Appeal in Toronto

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