Non-Equality or Incommensurability

December 3, 2011

By Daniel Sienkiewicz
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You bear the chains from centuries of Europeans questing after objective and universal foundations, equality lending itself as one of the most convenient abstractions in service of universal criteria. The chain breaks at the weakest link and non-equality is taken as the apparent response in correction of this conceptual error, its crisis.

Of course, quite the opposite of modern day Scrooge’s our chain has not been forged of niggardliness – quite the opposite, it was born in a spirit of charity and liberation, universal brotherhood of man, causing us to lose sight of patterns, of our own particularly.

“I don’t have to tell you about the tyranny of patterns. That is the rubric under which we meet. What you may not know is that you have to accept them.” – G.B.

Non-equality is not merely an insufficient emancipation from our chains. In fact, it reconstructs the very framework, the paradigm, “the rubric under which we meet.”

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“Paradigm” emerges as yet another example of terms that have been abused. We have discussed the abuse and misuse of other terms, such as “leftism”, which is really open-borders, obsequious liberalism that is promoted to Whites by Jewish academics and political planners. “Social constructionism” is another example, promoted as idealist by Jewish academics, as opposed to its being the realist notion that it is meant to be – race is not a “mere” social construct; it is a real social construct. Vico, one of the fist proponents of social constructionism, was realist. In fact, he was also one of the first opponents of Cartesianism. As a similar result of abused terms, those who balk at the word “paradigm” perhaps need to be reminded that Jewish academia latches onto good concepts, obfuscates, abuses and deploys them to their ends.

Taking a social constructionist premise that a paradigm does not begin with an object of inquiry, but rather with a group of practitioners (“if a tree falls in the woods and there are no White people left to hear it”…), a paradigm is a pattern, a logic of meaning and action shared by a group of people. When the logic of meaning and action of one paradigm does not compare and mesh well with another, i.e., when the means and ends do not jibe between two paradigms, they are said to be incommensurate.

Though it is not the first time that I have known of the illustration of checkers and chess, the VoR’s Peter Schaenk used the analogy of Jews playing chess while Whites are playing checkers. Whites continually get routed as a result, as the chess player plans farther in advance. This is an example of incommensurate paradigms, incommensurate logics of meaning and action: Jews playing chess while Whites play checkers.

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In reality, the matter is extremely serious and it is of urgent importance that we begin to understand and instantiate paradigmatic differences, differences that make a difference.

Thesis: The notion of non-equality entails false comparison, elitism, unnecessary conflict and destruction of our people. It is rectified by concern with paradigmatic differences, classifications (of race) which make a difference as they focus attention on qualitatively different processes that provide means of systemic cooperation among and between classifications.

Examples of detrimental blending of incommensurate paradigms are abundant, but the results are predictable – unnecessary destruction to vital class members and unnecessary conflict with other groups. On the other hand, by ongoing attention to maintenance of the qualitative difference of the White class, we are flexible to deal with various antagonists as need be while disputes over which is enemy is worst are kept to a minimum.

By way of examples, I have already engaged in discussion of how traditional and modern gender agendas are incommensurate; traditional women seek to maintain the base of the hierarchy of motives for themselves while traditional males tend to pursue the top. Reversing modernist males will seek the base of the hierarchy, existence and being, while overcompensating modernists, like Clinton, will pursue achievement, extending themselves beyond the interests of the class. Reversing modernist women will seek the top of the hierarchy, while overcompensating modernist women will perhaps undermine the class as some sort of radical Marxist type.

As mentioned last time, with the addition of some poor grammar, the Black Power movement, where it asserts that the Black man will rule, is seeking after the top of the hierarchy while a good portion of White men are seeking to warrant their existence, the base of the hierarchy.

Near the beginning of the incommensurate gender agendas article, I cite Philip Rushton’s analysis demonstrating different rates of sexual maturity between different peoples, such as Blacks, Whites and East Asians. This provides another example of incommensurate paradigms. Specifically, I use the example of the White girl who may in fact be a marginal within an earlier stage of her development and snapped-up by the earlier maturing and sexually aggressive Black, as a result, even though she is not defective, rather she would be something more like the ”cream of the class”, the paragon of White womanhood, in fully developed maturity. Her appropriately matching White partner would be left out of the equation because of his later sexual maturity, and with that, his greater sublimation, the attendant circumspection which might have so many corrective effects. This catastrophic meshing of incommensurate paradigms, disrupting and altering the co-evolution of millennia, is often perpetrated by other White men, on their high horse, out to show the little ladies how objective and “morally superior” that they are overcoming White male defense. But notice the loss of the girl who has become a mud-shark and the boy who is relegated to the beta male 86 list is not necessarily characterized by better or worse, but of ignored qualitative differences and processes. In truth these differences are profound, a tremendous loss suffered as a result of the attempted integration of incommensurate logics of sexual maturity.

Whites are taking more steps toward reproduction, learning more, cultivating resource and amenity along the way but often losing out to Blacks who are going right at it, while the Jews are playing chess, are given to be up-in-the-head wind-bags, continually misframing issues to the detriment of Whites. IF we can get the Jewish rule structure off of our backs, Blacks are a weekend operation (TT). In the meantime and nevertheless, Blacks are not so easy in all respects. Black musical ability, athletic ability, street smarts and sexual patterns as compared to the abilities that distinguish Whites provide still another example, ridiculous perhaps, of imposed incommensurability.

Human Biodiversity is not really right wing, but so long as others understand that the White Class claims the same turf, we may wish them well in promoting the idea. In fact, human biodiversity comports exactly with the notion of incommensurability as well. Otherwise, when variables, such as I.Q., are isolated, many important, evolutionary contingencies of the pattern are perhaps being removed. Cooperative functions of their level of development or niche would be ignored by false comparisons as “non-equal” instead of their being regarded as different qualitative functions from others within the class. Thus, isolating one sort of skill ought to be considered carefully so as not to be detrimental to the ecology of the class as a whole. Who is going to emerge to save the White class in a given instant can be a surprise, but it stands to reason that they may not emerge from the ranks of the most comfortable. As Cobb has pointed out, it could be somebody quite ordinary (or worse) who makes the difference, not necessarily the best chess player. It is possible to be too compassionate, but while recruiting to the ranks of White defense, for an indefinite time, in fact, focus need be on those who will fight; giving encouragement to a broad range of Whites to lend their agency with the notion that they may be of help, whatever their skills, so long as the end game is commensurate with the 14 words. My position is, who it is that will fight will sort out who is worthy.

Objectivity, as we have discussed, is another incommensurate logic to the relative interests of the White Class. In fact, objectivism is one of the chief culprits in leveling paradigms into universal criteria.

There are many examples of incommensurability bearing upon the class that may be explored farther, perhaps pursued in operational verification.

Now then, from the individual scale to White nations and states, the principle of qualitative difference holds true as well.

European from non-European is the more important, paradigmatic difference. Nevertheless, the nations, states and regions within the European peoples, which I am calling the White Class, are important as well, and need the freedom to be fully distinct and of their own population.

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The key is to distinguish indigenous native Europeans and non-native Europeans (especially elite) along with elite, White traitors. This is to distinguish a trivial difference from profound difference, and to avoid unnecessary ecological blunder: In maintaining a view toward the ecology of qualitative processes, of paradigmatic differences and the buffering of the European nations our White Class paradigm may be analogized to symbiotically functioning organs of a body; or take TT’s idea that the European nations and states might be looked upon as compartments of a ship. The Class ensconces relatively trivial differences from profound differences; those evolved in Europe over tens of thousands of years are within the class. Nevertheless, recognizing the profundity and potential acrimony of attempts to blend the European states, let us call them incommensurate paradigms, their distinctions needing to be maintained. We do not want to hear that Germany’s loans failed, about the Euro, about the E.U. Poles should not be inundating Britain – all broaching of paradigms. Nevertheless, with state sovereignties established, whether by analogy of the compartmentalized ship or the body and its parts, when speaking of the class, we include all native Europeans. No, they should not be imposing upon each other. But, in defending against non-Europeans, we have our most important common ground as the White Class, here in Europe, in the White States of America and elsewhere.

While understanding that the disastrous treaties that led one European country after another into WWI calls for significant caution, a basis of voluntary assistance as opposed to mandatory alliance can prevent that sort of overall disaster. Toward the end of avoiding inter-European war, Dr. Lowell’s focus on regions probably has merit as well.

So long as the focus continually comes back on the White Class and its needs there need be no inconsistency among the various challenges that we face. While I am persuaded that our two greatest enemies are elite Jews and elite traitorous Whites, that may appear absurd to Western Europeans faced with massive Muslim immigration. It may seem absurd to the American Southerner faced with masses of Blacks, with their long pre-evolution lending bio-power to pejorative characteristics, menacing characteristics thereof faced by South Africa as well. In fact their population growth, the fastest in world, combined with the negative aspects of their bio-power, are arguably among the greatest threats of all. In the U.S. South-West, it is the Mestizos invasion and population that emerges most urgent. Still others will rightfully claim that Chinese overpopulation, capacity for technology, economic hegemony, combined with an unsympathetic attitude are what’s most alarming. India’s population and economy can be the worry for others. Still others will see low ranking traitors to be the relevant concern. Pierce was not above critiques of popular culture. The truth is that they are all problems for us, and they all merit defense in an ongoing course of vigilance and tact. While some may wish to defend their particular state only; it is the White Class in full that can provide the numbers, skills and the territory to win the war; and thus should be our full organizational outlook. Secondly, we ought to be able to agree that it is the policy makers who impose immigration and integration upon us who are to be prioritized as enemies – they are apparently Jewish elites and elite White traitors. Whatever the case, whatever the contingency or the immediate enemy, we maintain coherence through the Class. With an ongoing focus on the White Class, its enemies will emerge and be implicated appropriately.

Jews do not always make sense to us. Why would they destroy America? Yet, they are largely responsible for doing so. While Muslims in Europe will hurt rank-and-file Jews, the Muslim presence suggests European alliance with Jewish elites. We should not have a good deal of faith in how that alliance will work out for Europeans.

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All the more urgent it becomes to get to this matter of paradigmatic difference, “differences that make a difference” as opposed to throwing our hands in the air and saying that “nothing is equal.”

Corporations, the military industrial complex and Zionist elites would probably just as soon go with that, too.

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I emphasize non-sameness as opposed to non-equality, while understanding the paranoia of those who do not want to take their eyes off the power, and who think that they are trying to divide and conquer by lowly racial conflict. Nevertheless, If we do not recognize broad paradigmatic differences of class (race), the back-and-forth in run-away effect is going to stay in pejorative homeostasis: after classificatory bounds are broken by those who do not care about our classification, “objective men”, perhaps resting on a notion of non-equality, are empowered to farther clear away White men of racial/class consciousness – that is, if paradigmatic difference is swept aside in favor of “non-equalitariansm”, and no critique is made of disingenuous positions and paradigmatic differences.

The equalitarian/non-equalitarian universalistic paradigm runs roughshod over our paradigmatic difference, our incommensurate logics of meaning and action. The narcissism of false comparison is apt to breed vain elitism, obnoxious, unnecessary competition and strife not only within the class, the race, the paradigm, but also between the classes. Hence, misusing and wasting people within and without the class, it breeds contempt. While I can agree that there is a such thing as too much compassion with and without the group, we must first adopt this answer of who we are and then determine how most effectively to deal with our own varying qualities, our traitors and our enemies. It would seem a maximum of cooperation and most efficient antagonisms would be achieved by recognizing paradigmatic difference.

Non-equality is not merely over-simplistic in not sufficiently characterizing the qualities of our White patterns in their varied, ecologically disbursed niches; by merely saying that we are quantifiably “better”, it engages competitions that we should not, as they are a misuse of particular qualities - not acknowledging relatedness, indebtedness, shared interests while instigating reciprocally escalating diatribe within the class.

Moreover, non-equality is not merely an insufficient emancipation from our chains. In fact, it reconstructs the very framework, “the rubric under which we meet,” the paradigm of universal criteria. Inasmuch, the argument of ‘non-equality’ sets in motion logics of competition, unnecessary competition, not only within the White Class but also with other groups – logically entailing the hubris, the narcissism of false comparison from which ensues unnecessary, poorly conceived dispute, reciprocally escalating diatribe, and ultimately, fairly arbitrary war.

Thus, the notion of paradigm becomes crucial in delineating the class as well. The paradigm characterizes its qualitative form and its logics of meaning and action – in this case, the cultural pattern, the class. It delimits our primary accountability and ecology from recognition of other classes in pervasive ecology. The logics of meaning and action of one pattern will match well enough, that is, be commensurate, while another will not, its logics being incommensurate.

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To say that all are equal or none are equal, or to say that all races are equal or no races are equal, is overly simplistic and misleading in assuming that all peoples are working in accordance with the same fundamental logics of meaning and action: A logical consequence of this modernistic, universalistic narcissism and its not being true, is misunderstanding, vain comparisons and dispute, even where some parties were not intending to compete.

Equality and non-equality is contrasted with not being the same, sameness and difference as opposed to equality and inequality. Talk of sameness, difference and incommensurability creates patterns of cooperation and complementarity in sensitizing us to look for these qualitative differences that make a difference, incommensurate logics, rather than to ignore them with the didactic elitism, exploitation, power plays and the conflict of falsely compared criteria. This fosters more of an ecological outlook, toward cooperation within the class (race) and negotiation between classes (races).

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Content footnotes:

Instigated to compete on an equalitarian basis, a fool would take the Black up on his dare to call him a nigger to his face. Though some Whites will be able to beat him, this sort of competition is incommensurate with our abilities – we can easily take recourse in various strategies, have sundry technology at our disposal, can easily build coalitions to offset his bio-power and defend our way of life –

As for the matter of I.Q. within the class; intelligence perhaps does not only function in the relative linearity of I.Q. but also in patterned ecological disbursement: one brother has a genius level I.Q., a sister passes her NY and NJ Bar exams upon first attempt, another brother contracts lucrative restoration projects of The Amex Building and NYC Post office, while still another has an artistic bent while being vigilant of racial issues.

Trauma of various kinds, both literal and as a matter of pervasive disconfirmation may also explain how assessment of intelligence can be trivial and not take into account re-routing in accordance with various deep, evolutionary pathways.

I have known people with high I.Q.’s who struck me as stupid in important ways – was unimpressed by the theories of the man said to have the world’s highest I.Q. I have seen very high I.Q. people losing track of important matters. Nevertheless, I do not want to take this issue too far, as I am happy for very high I.Q. people to do their thing providing that they do not destroy the ecology of the class

More, low I.Q. Whites, who may have significant qualities and abilities to contribute, may lose out with the argument that I.Q. is our singularly distinguishing attribute as opposed to our full, qualitative distinctions as a White Class.

Blacks are not so easy in all respects. Black musical ability, athletic ability, street smarts and sexual patterns as compared to the abilities that distinguish Whites provide still another example of incommensurability. These abilities are compelling to many and often cited as that which forgives a multitude of sins. Agreed, it is absurd, after all, would we rather have jazz and basketball as opposed to a lovely White woman, reasonable men and an amenable society? Nevertheless, this tendency suggests that one ought not to over-indulge the Blacks-are-so-stupid argument, particularly for the sake of the un-initiated; as there are different kinds of intelligence that are apt to make the argument look bad if unqualified. More, in the context of America, they know the ropes, having been there a long time. Thus, using the argument that they are stupid, you will find yourself saying of the mud-sharks, “she’s stupid, she’s stupid, she’s stupid”, and you will barely stop. Rather than proffering snobbery, probably better to add focus on Black violence, rape and societal decay in particular, in contrast to the safe and amenable White way of life. The broader pattern of White sublimation, its strength and intelligence in a protracted sense is incommensurate and as yet opaque, unarticulated to many.